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The Cost of Not Having Good Teeth and a Smile During a Job Interview

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Orthoyl September 16, 2022

In a perfect world, a person’s appearance would be the last thing a new acquaintance would consider when forming a judgment about who they are. Unfortunately, that is not how people are wired—when we first meet someone, we use details of how they look, act, and dress to form an opinion of what they’re like, consciously or not. One of the most critical situations for making a good impression right out of the gate is a job interview, but looking professional is about more than having freshly pressed business attire. Having crooked, stained teeth can be a subtle turnoff for prospective employers, costing you opportunities.

What Your Teeth Say About You

To project an air of confidence and friendly poise when you’re seeking a job, you want to be able to smile freely. If that smile reveals crooked, missing, or discolored teeth, however, your interviewer is likely to make some unwelcome snap judgments about your capabilities. While intellectually we may know that dental care isn’t necessarily an indication of job performance, it’s hard not to make the leap that someone who doesn’t take care of their teeth may not be the best candidate for a demanding position.

Hiding dental flaws by putting your hand in front of your mouth or refraining from smiling isn’t any better, though. These habits undermine the sense of self-assurance essential for a positive interview, making you seem secretive or hesitant instead of likeable and relaxed.

If your primary concern is staining, that can be easily remedied. In the days leading up to an interview, you can refrain from drinking beverages that can discolor the teeth, such as red wine. In addition, teeth whitening can help get your smile shining—at B Orthodontics, we offer several teeth whitening options, depending on if you need fast results or you are looking for a longer-term solution.

Crooked teeth, on the other hand, are an issue that will take longer to fix, with the assistance of an orthodontist experienced in treating adult patients. This should be regarded as an investment in both your health and your professional propects, because properly aligned teeth improve your bite and your oral health as well as boosting your chances of making a great first impression. Advances in orthodontic technique have also made treatment far more discreet.

How Do I Interview with Braces On?

Sometimes patients put off getting orthodontic care because they worry about what an interviewer might think if they show up wearing braces. While a possible employer would certainly notice traditional brackets, it doesn’t follow that this creates a negative impression. Having braces as an adult sends the message that you are working to improve your image and develop yourself, a positive trait for any employee to have. And consider—those interviewers would certainly notice crooked teeth without braces too.

Traditional braces are far from being the only choice for adults who want to maintain a professional appearance while undergoing treatment, though. Clear aligners, which use clear plastic trays to align the teeth, is a popular choice. The trays are barely visible when worn, and they can be removed entirely for an interview if you prefer. Lingual braces, which are attached on the backs of the teeth, are another near-invisible option for patients who prefer the advantages of a fixed appliance but don’t want to advertise their orthodontic treatment.

Of course, regardless of what method of treatment you choose, you should always take care to make sure your teeth are clean and bright when you show up to meet your interviewer. Poor oral hygiene can ruin even the best smile.

Making Your Smile an Asset

At B Orthodontics, we work with patients every day to help them achieve the healthy, beautiful smile they deserve. If you feel your crooked teeth are holding you back, we can help. We’ll create an individualized treatment plan that allows you to enjoy convenience, comfort, and discretion on your journey to well-aligned teeth. Don’t wait to make your smile your best feature. To schedule your initial consultation, contact us here today.

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