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For adults wanting to correct longstanding problems with their tooth alignment, it may be difficult to find treatment options that combine the features they need with the options they desire. Traditional braces can fix a wide range of problems, but their presence is unavoidably obvious. Clear aligners can be an alternative, but the plastic trays can still be seen, even if they are less obtrusive than metal brackets. Aligners also involve responsibility and work to ensure they’re worn on the right schedule to produce results.

When you’re looking for superior discretion during your orthodontic treatment, InBrace may be the solution. This lingual brace system is the first truly invisible way to align your teeth, delivering the continual correction of regular braces without even a hint of visible orthodontics.

What Is InBrace?

InBrace is an advanced straightening system that combines custom-fit brackets applied to the back of the teeth (lingual braces) with a patented Smartwire that is personalized to achieve the orthodontic results indicated in your treatment plan. Unlike the wire in traditional braces, your Smartwire is curved to allow you to floss easily. It’s also designed to minimize the number of adjustments you’ll need over the course of your treatment period.

What Are the Advantages of InBrace?

The most obvious advantage of InBrace is the fact you can’t see it. Patients concerned with maintaining a professional appearance during orthodontic treatment can rest assured that there is literally nothing on the front of the teeth to be seen.

In addition, InBrace gives patients the convenience of having a fixed appliance that uses continual gentle pressure to move the teeth. Clear aligners require continual diligence to be effective—if they aren’t worn the correct amount of time, or if an aligner is lost or damaged, treatment time and cost can go up.

Am I a Candidate for InBrace?

If you’re interested in exploring InBrace as an option for your orthodontic treatment, we recommend scheduling a complimentary initial consultation at our office. While the InBrace system is effective for treating many kinds of orthodontic problems, it may not be advisable in every case. Dr. Bhavnani can evaluate your specific needs to determine if you’re a good candidate for InBrace.

In addition, InBrace requires a bit more care than traditional braces to avoid dislodging brackets, which is why we tend to recommend it for adult patients. Nevertheless, it can be a discreet, comfortable option for patients that delivers beautiful results.

Cutting-Edge Orthodontic Treatment

At B Orthodontics, we blend advanced, modern orthodontic techniques and technology with old-fashioned values of attentive patient care. We work with our patients to create unique treatment plans that are right for each individual. Contact us to start charting your course to a beautiful smile today.

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